As it’s Christmas week this will be my last post before I break for the holidays. I may still blog if the mood takes me, but I really need to spend some quality time with my family.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and we will see you on the other side.

Today’s blogger is Sarah from Authurwears.

Tell us a little about you and the blog?

 I originally started my blog just over a year ago, as a way of my family all keeping in touch and up to date with Arthur. We all live very far away and children change so quickly in those early years you can miss out on so much. As a result, most of my really early blog posts were mainly photos of Arthur with explanations of his outfit(s) that day. In my role as Reception Class Teacher and ICT co-ordinator at school I had run a class blog and I really missed it! I also felt like I needed to have something to ‘do’ other than just being ‘mummy’. As people started to read my blog I used it as a way of sharing my ideas and experience of Early Childhood development and learning through play activities. These days I also blog about parenting, lifestyle and beauty as well. I also run a series called Children Changing Careers which highlights and champions parents who have started a new career after starting a family….I used to be a headhunter before I was a Teacher so perhaps this is just a little nod to another corner of my brain! 


Can you give an example of a blogging high and low since you started?

 I have a lot of little ‘highs’ – days when I get a lot of interaction on my posts and social media makes it all worthwhile as days which bring about the opposite can really make you wonder why you bother sometimes! I absolutely loved going to London to film a mini commercial for bareMineral’s new skincare line back in April – it was Arthur’s first trip to London and I was so nervous but what an adventure! A blogging low was a few months ago I wrote a post called My husband steals my toothbrush which was supposed to be tongue in cheek and humorous. I found out that his family were really cross/upset about it and so I had to delete about half of the post. I didn’t even know they read my blog and I felt really misunderstood and unsupported – it can be hard to put yourself out there if you worry what everyone thinks though! 


What’s been your best post and your worst?

In terms of popularity, my ‘best’ post is a review I did on bareMinerals blemish remedy with before and after photos. I get organic traffic from Google to this post almost every day and one of the photos I think is the top image result for the product. I’ve absolutely no idea how I’ve managed that and I wish I could repeat the formula for all of my blog posts!! In terms of personal bests though I would probably choose a poem I wrote for all of the Mummies going back to work which is all about your child starting nursery for the first time….or my informative post on Colic and Reflux because I know the info has helped a few other parents with the same problem and that was always my aim! 

Not sure about my worst – probably a post a wrote about a bad experience on a train with Arthur in his pram when he was small, looking back it was probably a bit negative which isn’t really what my blog is about, so I don’t revisit this one lol!


How do you drive traffic to your site?

 Social media and linkies. I tweet my links out, share on Instagram and also my Facebook page. When I remember I also pin to my Pinterest page but I really haven’t figured Pinterest out yet!! It is on my future to do list.

 What’s your favourite social media platform?

This is a tough question! I started out just using twitter and I have most of my followers on there so it will always have a special place in my heart but I find I get less interaction on there these days compared to before. I joined Instagram a few months ago and I absolutely love looking through pictures etc and get a reasonable amount of likes etc for the number of followers I have but it doesn’t really drive much traffic to my blog. Facebook is great for click through’s to my blog but oh my is it hard to grow!! I had my original page closed down because someone reported me as an underage child (!) and I’ve had to work really hard to build it back up but it isn’t easy – this has my lowest amount of followers and increasing my reach is something I am trying to work on. 

 If you had a five-year plan for the blog, what would it be?

I wish I had a five year plan! My plan is really to keep improving my writing, gain more followers, more interaction, more opportunities and most importantly to make sure that I am still enjoying it! I would like more children too and inevitably they will always come first so I guess how much I can do depends on what time I get to do it in!

 What linkys do you (if any )take part in?

 Without fail (apart from a couple of mini blog breaks) I always link up to KCACOLS with Franca from A Moment with Franca. She works really hard on the linky to make sure people get comments etc – I’ve co-hosted with her before and I honestly don’t know how she does it every week! I am finding it harder to commit to the commenting with Arthur not really sleeping much these days, but if I can I try to link up to others too. I have a page on my blog with the linkies I have regularly joined in the past. 


Who’s your favourite “established” blogger?

 It’s hard to know when it is appropriate to be classed as established so I will go with one who I know definitely is, and also because I interviewed her for my blog series, Children Changing Careers,  a few months back and love her story – Vicki from Honest Mum

Who’s your favourite “new blogger”?

Again, I’ve got to admit that I’m not 100% sure on who is new and who isn’t because unless they started blogging after me they were already ‘here’ when I started blogging! I’m sure there are some amazing new bloggers around, but I do like to see Frances’ (from whinge whinge wine) stuff popping up on my news feed – and I think she started blogging around about the time I did. 



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