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This week’s featured blogger is Suzanne from and another ten things. Suzanne favours list style post’s

Suzanne favours list style post’s, I particularly enjoyed her Tantruming post  something I absolutely can relate to.




Tell us a little about you and the blog?

I’m Suzanne and I live in Liverpool with my husband, my very nearly 3-year-old daughter, a dog and a cat. I blog at and another ten things where I try and explore the funnier side of parenting and life in lists of ten.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but after studying creative writing at Uni I fell out of the habit of writing. This year, I felt like I really needed to claw back a bit of myself and writing seemed the best way to do that. Script-writing has always been my first love but I set up my blog as a way to make myself write regularly. It worked but I didn’t realise how addictive blogging would be.

The idea for my blog came after I wrote a sarcastic response to a Mumsnet article about ’40 Ways to Be a Superman’ in a list of ten (forty seemed a little excessive). I realised that writing as a list was a lot less daunting than just writing. At least you always know the end is coming! Originally it wasn’t meant to be just about being a mum but parenting takes up most of my time so it seemed natural to write about it the most. Although according to Klout I’m also an expert in being a dad and pudding so I have many strings to my bow.


Can you give an example of a blogging high and low since you started?

When I first got accepted to blog for Huffington Post was a pretty good moment. I’m a typical narcissistic writer – I want as many people as possible to read and laugh at my writing (because it’s funny not because it’s awful) so being featured on Huffington Post was a real boost. That post also went on to be shortlisted for Good 2 Know’s monthly BISS linky which gives me the chance to write a paid article for them (to be published soon). Being paid to write is the dream so that was very exciting.

I’m not sure about a blogging low to be honest. I guess I find it frustrating that no companies (and I mean no companies) want to work with me. It’s disheartening when you people say ‘did you get the email from so and so’ and you didn’t. But I always remind myself that’s not why I started my blog; still it would be nice to be asked sometimes


What’s been your best post and your worst?

You may have noticed I’m not very good at picking one thing (duh, that’s kind of the point of my blog) so I have two favourite posts. The first is my Mother Knows Best: Ten Kick Ass Disney Mums, where I give my favourite Disney mums the credit they deserve. Unusually for me I wrote this post really quickly and it still makes me laugh now when I read it. It also got featured on a Mumsnet Blog of the Day which did wonders for my fragile yet over-inflated ego.

My other favourite post is Join My PENIS Campaign, which is a joke appeal I wrote about the devastating impact of humourless in new parents (Parente Excludes Nihil Ingenium Syndrome or PENIS). It’s not a list post but was really fun to write and got an amazing response.

My least favourite post is tricky because I actually like everything I post. I have lots of drafts that are pure cack but I only hit publish on the ones I like (which is why I don’t publish very often). If I had to pick though, it would probably be Winter Wardrobe Wars where I pitch my wardrobe against the Child. It’s the only list I’ve written where ten feels too long.


How do you drive traffic to your site?

Begging, bribery and blackmail.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

As a real life person, Facebook is my favourite but as a blogger, Facebook is a bit of a knob so Twitter is my go to. It’s much more instant than Facebook and so easy to have bants (that’s what the yoof call it; you would not believe how down with the kids I am).


If you had a five-year plan for the blog, what would it be?

I don’t even have a five-minute plan for my blog most of the time! My dream is to make a living from writing, I doubt that will be from this blog but I’m hoping it will lead to other opportunities.


What linkys do you (if any )take part in?

I used to take part in loads because it’s the only way to get people to read you when you first start out. I’ve had to cut down a lot recently though because I wanted to get back to reading blogs for fun rather than because I have to. Now I try and take part in two a week. My favourite is Chucklemums. This was the first one I ever took part it and I was chosen as the featured post which was a huge boost in my third blogging week. I also like Friday Frolics. Both linkys are guaranteed to have posts that make me laugh


Who’s your favourite “established” blogger?

My absolute most favourite human and possibly my spirit animal is Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine (#spon). Fran’s writing is so funny and down-to-earth that you feel like you’re chatting to someone on your sofa (with wine). Fran also won Mumsnet’s Best Comic Writer award last month so her blog really is worth checking out if you don’t read it already.

Who’s your favourite “new blogger”?

I don’t really think of Sam of Mouse Moo and Me Too as a new blogger because she is doing so stonkingly well but she started her blog at around the same time as me so still counts as a newbie. Again, Sam is hilarious but has also written beautifully about the less funny stuff and a writer that can make me laugh and cry is a winner in my book.


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