Things a “new blogger ” probably shouldn’t say…

This post is off the back of many many facebook posts I’ve noticed recently in blogging groups from “new bloggers”.

I’ll be really honest blogging is hard graft it takes lots of hard work and patience. Some bloggers are really successful straight of the bat, usually a case of right place right time or blogging about a very particular niche. Most bloggers start with a seed, they’ll water and feed the seed till it grows into something resembling a tree.

I fall into the latter. My blog has been live for just over two years, when I started I was completely clueless blogging was more of a hobby than anything to take seriously. If you look at my earlier posts you’ll see they are all a shambles. That’s ok though because we all have to start somewhere, life is not often perfect and neither were those posts.

After going self-hosted in September and joining a couple of facebook groups, I have learnt so much about “serious” blogging. The number one rule being “DONT EXPECT TOO MUCH TOO SOON”. The groups I joined were full of established bloggers making a good living from their blogs.

Just of late I have noticed many a “new blogger” having a bit of a HUMBLE BRAG about their accomplishments. Now don’t get me wrong good on them if they have found something that works for them then that’s fab. It’s the bragging and the total naivety (where there really is none) that drives me nuts and gets the goat of some of us not so new bloggers.

Here is a collection of my favourite “What a new blogger shouldn’t really say” faux pas! and my responses. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for their contributions, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one it grates on:


Vicki From TippyTupps

“I’ve been blogging 2 weeks, have done 3 posts and have 2000 followers on Facebook….is that good? I’m new so don’t know”

Ok let’s be real for a minute here, you’ve been in the group and will have had a nosey on others social media platforms. You’re well aware that this is good. Same goes with “I’ve been blogging for 3 months and am averaging 100 hits a day” !


Laura from Five Little Doves

“When am I going to start getting all the free stuff?”

It’s a general misconception that all bloggers get tonnes of free stuff. Nothing in life is ever really “free”. The cost may not be in pounds and sterling but in the time taken to write the post, take photo’s and promote. If you are blogging to get ” freebies” then you won’t last 5 minutes in the bloggersphere.



Lucy From Real Mum Reviews

‘Can anyone tell me what to blog about?’

You and only you can decide what your blog will be about, we all have one thing that makes us unique, our voices and experiences.


Nicola from Mummy to Dex

What does DA mean?

To this, I just leave this link- Domain Authority.


Sarah from Run Jump Scrap

What’s a follow link?

Ok, the best thing here is for people to google then go and search for your blogger group for the answer. Nothing grates a blogger more than the follow dofollow questions.


Kim from OddHogg

I’ve been blogging for 3 weeks now but I only have about 7 readers a day, why don’t I have as many as you?

Building up a readership takes time. After 2 years I have roughly 100 followers, it’s all about writing engaging content that makes readers want to return time and time again.

Hayley From Devon Mama

‘could you send me your PR contacts?’

This is the biggest faux pas, NEVER ask a fellow blogger for PR details. It’s a blog eat blog world out there and people don’t like to share their trade secrets.You’ll pick up contacts and names along the way, put your blog out there and apply for opportunities. This is how you can build your contact list.

What advice would you give a new blogger?



  1. March 3, 2017 / 7:53 am

    Love this! I’m a new blogger and I never went and asked the stupid questions. I had the brains to actually use google and use the helpful blogger groups to read and learn.

    Thanks for the mention xx

  2. March 3, 2017 / 10:12 am

    Great post!! It drives me crazy that, like Nicola says, I sat back and watched and learned from others and from Google. Yes, along the way I’ve been fortunate enough to meet friends who are in a similar position in terms of the age of their blog and between us we seem to scrabble along with most questions. There’s nothing more frustrating to me that people expecting it all for nothing… I put in a lot of hard work to learn and try and grow my blog, my contacts and my knowledge. Why should someone else expect it for free!? Eurgh and the humble brag… Drives me insane!!! Rant over. x

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