Baby Led Weaning- 4 weeks and counting

Kai will be 6 months in 4 short weeks. This only means one thing TIME FOR BABY LED WEANING!!!!!

The plan originally was to start with spoon feeding baby porridge from 4 months to get him used to different tastes and textures, Kai scarpered that plan by catching a STONKING cold and cough. Il just add here that I am very aware that the NHS guidelines state that weaning should start from 6 months, Kai is my son not the NHS’S and while I will listen to their advice, it doesn’t mean I have to take it. That goes for all of you parents out there, you know your child best nobody else.

We weaned Max the same way and so far it has done no harm. Myself and my 5 siblings, like many others in the 80’s were weaned from 4 months (some earlier) and we all lived to tell the tale!

I’ve ditched the porridge now that Kai is a little better due to the fact to be honest, I’m lazy. Soon I will have 2 kids to feed real food as well as all the bottles that Kai will no doubt still be drinking.That’s double the cooking and cleaning up food from the floor and walls. I plan to just enjoy this period of Kai being a baby.

I plan to just enjoy this period of Kai being a baby. This time around I’m in no rush for my boy to grow up.

Weaning Max using the baby led method was quite an experience, I didn’t follow any bloggers back then so it was like the blind leading the blind. He is now 2 years old and a fantastic eater. You can see how he is getting on here.  

Not one to brag, but I did a good job with Max. He is a great eater and ate a variety of different foods in his first year. Sometimes he will push his luck and choose not to eat his dinner, this doesn’t happen very often.

I look forward to going through the process again with Kai. There is nothing like seeing your baby experience different taste and texture for the first time.

The fear of your child choking is what stops a lot of parents from trying out baby led weaning, to combat this fear I attended an infant’s first aid course. This made me feel a little more comfortable with Max eating finger foods.

This time around we will be meal planning like a boss, as feeding a family of 4 will have it’s own challenges. The plan is to also find other bloggers who have gone down the same path, so if this is you please feel free to leave me your link.

Look out for more posts in the Baby led series coming soon!!!




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  1. January 3, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    We’re baby led weaning too, we didn’t start that way but because of Number Two’s reflux we were advised more solid foods rather than purees may be easier for his system to cope with. We’re still very much at the learning stage though, taking each day as it comes. Enjoy your journey!

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